Master Weaver Certificate Program 

Mission Statement
The Master Weaver Program will provide an educational environment in which an individual can acquire the skills to become an independent weaver, through a formal process of sequential learning and evaluation.
The Olds College Master Weaver Certificate Program is a formal process of sequential learning and evaluation consisting of 5 progressive levels of instruction and independent study involving skill development, research studies and project assignments, thus providing an educational environment in which an individual can acquire the skills to become an independent weaver.
The first four (4) levels consist of five days (30 hours) in the classroom with an instructor.  Each level is followed by an independent home study portion for those students working towards certification.   This home study portion will require about 100-150 hours of work for the first 4 levels. The fifth level (5) ‘Master Level’ will consist of (X hours) of consultation with an instructor/advisor and 250 – 300 hours of work.
At all levels, students are evaluated on the basis of written assignments, practical projects, oral presentations and skill development. 
College credits are earned upon successful completion of each level:
Master Weaver Level I
Master Weaver Level II
Master Weaver Level III
Master Weaver Level IV (successful completion earns the designations of Artisan Weaver from Olds College)
Master Weaver Level V - Master Weaver
Those individuals who successfully complete the assignments in the first four levels will receive an Artisan Weaver Certificate. Those individuals who successfully complete the assignments in all five levels will receive a Master Weaver Certificate from Olds College.
Master Weaver Program Student Policies
The Master Weaver program is designed for those students who wish to complete a course of study that will lead to certification. As such they will need to successfully complete the assignments associated with each level before proceeding on to the next level. There is no provision for audit. 
Student Fees
Tuition and Marking fees will be established by Olds College and will be subject to periodic review. 
Students will generally encounter costs in these areas:
  • Course Registration Fees
  • Materials Fees
  • Personal Classroom Supplies
  • Workbook Assignment Supplies
  • Marking Fees
 Course Registration Fees
 Classroom and PLAR fees will be set by Olds College at the time advertising is prepared. These fees will include the course manual. 
 Materials Fees
The instructor will supply many of the fibre materials (other than those on a student supply list) that are required for successful participation during a class. The fee for these materials will be payable to the instructor at the first class of the course.
Personal Classroom Supplies
 The student is expected to come prepared with certain equipment and supplies necessary for successful participation in the classroom activities. This supplies list will be provided to all registrants and will also be available as an online download. If travel by air to Fibre Week is necessary, some supplies can be considered optional. These are indicated on each list. Such students may share the equipment or supplies brought by other students.
Workshop Assignment Supplies
Students are responsible for procuring fibres and other supplies needed to complete the workbook requirements. These can be purchased from vendors during Fibre Week or from other sources available to them. The classroom instructor may have a suggested list.
Marking Fees
Payment of a marking fee is required when an assignment is ready for evaluation. Students should check the Fibre Week website or contact the college coordinator for the current rates.
Student Assignments
Students will complete a major home study assignment following each level of instruction according to the guidelines presented.
Unless otherwise requested or designated, the assignment will be marked by the instructor who taught that student.
The Master Level 5 assignment will be reviewed by two instructors according to the published guidelines to determine a final grade.
Upon completion of a home study assignment the student will pay the designated marking fee to Olds College and mail the project to the assigned instructor.  
When the marking fee is received, Olds College will inform the instructor so that the evaluation can proceed.
Home Study Assignment Timelines
Students will observe the following timelines:
  • The assignment will be submitted for marking within 12 months after the class has ended. 
  • If the work has not been submitted, an extension may be requested from the Olds College coordinator at least one month before the due date. If granted, the extension will not exceed four months beyond the original completion date. Only one extension date will be allowed per course level. An “Incomplete” grade (I) will be assigned for that student until completion. 
  • For the BASIC Level ONLY: If the work has not been submitted, an Incomplete (INC) grade will be assigned. The student will have three years (3) to successfully complete the home study assignment. If not complete in this time, the course work will have to be repeated in order to complete this instructional level.
Upon successful completion of the first four levels, students will be eligible for the ARTISAN WEAVER Designation. They will receive a certificate from Olds College in the mail.
Upon successful completion of the fifth and final level students will be eligible for the MASTER WEAVER Designation. They will be contacted by the Olds College registrar’s office and invited to participate in the annual Graduation ceremonies. As is the case in all Olds College programs, a graduation fee is included as part of the Level 5 tuition.
If the graduate is unable to attend the ceremonies the certificate will be mailed after the graduation date for that year.

Contact Judy or Jean for further information.

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