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Wanted: A used table loom suitable for the weaving program at Olds College in June. Contact Kathy. (4/16)

Wanted: A 22 inch wooden temple and a 22 inch raddle for my new Ashford table loom. Email or call me at 780-952-8902. (3/16)

Wanted: A Marudai for kumihimo. Contact me by text or phone 780-333-5193 or email me. (10/15)

Wanted: 12 shaft jack for loom. Leclerc preferred, but not required. Phone 780-340-8674 or email.  (7/15)

Wanted: Due to a flood I am wishing to replace the following books:
A Passion for Punch Needle- ISBN: 1-56477-711-1 Decemer 1, 2006 by Linda Repasky (editor)
Sashes, Straps, and Bands– Ruth and Ralph Johnson –soft cover
Inkle Weaving-Helene Bress - ISBN:684-13870-0
Opulence, The Kimonos and  Robes of Itchku Kubota-ISBN: 0-87011-636-3
Double Weave Theory and Practiceby Laya Brostoff
Spiders' Games:A Book for Beginning Weaversby Phylis Morrisson, ISBN:088894 - 219 - 2, hard cover
Processing and Finishing Woven Textiles, soft cover
Feltingby Marlie Claessen, soft cover
Hand-Woven Laces by Donna Muller ISBN: 0-934026-66-1 soft cover
Fashions from the Loomby Betty J. Beard soft cover
Contact Celeste by email or phone 403-634-5907 if you have one of these you can part with. (3/15)

Wanted: a warping board from someone in the Calgary area. Contact Ashley. (11/14)

Wanted: 24" or longer Ondule (fan) reed. Email Chelsey or call 780-871-1998. (7/14)

Wanted: 8 shaft 45" Leclerc jack floor loom with front hinge treadles and a hinged back beam. Contact Lois by email or call 780-672-2551.  (3/14)


Deb Loosley has many, many items for sale. Check out her PDF listing of items. Email or text 403-601-0713.  (3/16)


Pure Shetland Sheep Roving (natural colours - black, white, cream, lighty grey, dark grey, brown). 1 lb > $25; 1/2 lb > $12.50. Raw fleeces available in grey/brown, black, light grey. Conact Bethany.; Located in Millarville, AB (near Calgary). Phone 403-536-0820.  (10/15)

Glimakra loom, horizontal countermarch, 8 shafts, 8 treadles, complete with bench, reeds and all accessories. Includes three towel kits (never opened), quite a few spools of threads, some pattern books, 3 size reeds (8, 10 & 12). Currently taken down. See for a picture of the loom. Asking $3,000. Contact Debra. (8/15)



Two purebred German Angora male bunnies born March 24, 2015. Each rabbit comes complete with pedigree and ear tatoos. Both bunnies are ready to go to a new home and I am selling them for $200 each. Purebred German Angoras are rare in Canada and are known for their high fibre production. For more information please contact Terry Kopperud or phone 403-255-9561. (5/15)



Numerous magazines and books, 4 harness & multiharness, all in like-new condition.
For complete list, contact Nancy at or 403-638-6660
Located at Leduc, AB (3/15)


36" raddle   $25.
15" reed 10 dpi   $15.
36" reed 10 dpi   $30.
36" reed
These items are currently located in Leduc, AB.
Please contact me at or 403-638-6660 (2/15)

Woolhouse Gertrude 16 shaft, 18 treadles, 58" weaveable width, countermarche floor loom. Comes with a 20+ tie-up assembly so no need to climb under the loom-just sit at the back and peg the tieup. Comes with 1 reed, 4 lease sticks, long heddle hook and reed hook. Cardboard or warp sticks included. Texsolv heddles and cords. $5,000. Located in Lumby, B.C. Can dismantle and transport to US border. Second owner completing 3 blankets at moment, have woven 6" scarves to full width-all easily done. Email Louise. (1/15)

Weaving Books for sale: Weave Contemporary Rag Rugs $20; Rag Rug Handbook $30; Step By Step Weaving $10; Weave It $10; Key to Weaving $30; American Woven Coverlets $30; Spinning and Dyeing $10; Handwoven, Tailormade $30; The Weaving Book $30; Samples You Can Use $30; Handdwoven Design Collection # 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, $5/each. Contact Mary Lynne. Located in Whitecourt, AB (8/14)



Warping board $75. Email. (8/14)




We have a small flock of Black Welsh Mountain Sheep.  We have just sheared them and I would like to share these beautiful fleeces with your association!  Most of the fleeces are dark dark black.  The rest of the other fleeces are very black with some reddish black on the tips called cuchddu. The wool is short, dense and firm to handle and ranges in Bradford count from 48s to 56s or micron ranges from 26.4 to 32.69. Fleece weights in the UK range from 2.2-5.5 pounds depending on the size of the ewe (general breed information - mine have not been graded but are purebred).  I rolled each fleece myself.  We skirted, and pulled any undesirables off of the fleece.  Overall the fleeces were impressively clean.  $40/fleece plus shipping.  I can send samples as necessary. Contact Kristen. (5/14)


Crochet Cotton I have inherited a huge amount of crochet cotton and know that one lady in Saskatoon used crochet cotton to lay the warp threads in her weaving. She also used colors for the weft making wonderful shawls, scarves and ribbons. I have cebelia colors, 20 and 30 lots of white in various sizes etc. Lots of variegated anchor and much more. A lot of these boxes contain 8-10 balls of each color. If you know of anyone who uses crochet cotton for other things as well I wonder if you could let me know. I do not have any room for this and need to find a home for it. I live in Camrose and can be contacted by email ( or you can call me at 780-666-1635. Ferne Brown (01/14)


70 lbs of roving - would like to sell to one seller. Blend of 70% llama and 30% sheep wool. It has been cleaned, carded and blended at Custom Woolen Mills in Carstairs. There are three colors: white, charcoal and red/sorrel.  The roving is not dyed. Asking $20 per lb or best offer. Located near Strathmore. Contact Lynn or Sue. (10/13)


Hand made spinning wheel. $400 OBO. Call Carol at 780-855-3049. (2/13)





60" Leclerc jack floor loom with flying shuttle, 12 harnesses and over 100 wire heddles. Asking $1000 or OBO. Call Millie at (403) 256-6563 (Calgary) (01/13)

New 60" reeds: 1 12 dent $135, 4 size 20 dent $135, 1 size 15 dent $135, 1 size 20 dent $200. Over $600 value selling for $200 for all. Call Millie at (403) 256-6563, Calgary. (01/13)









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